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DIY: Ballet Flats

We can’t say we haven’t thought of doing this before-we think it actually had something to do with the Christian Dior runway show which featured ballet inspired shoes. What woman doesn’t want to be floating on shoes that are the epitome of grace and romance? Because most ballet flats are too thin for everyday wear-here’s a DIY so you can fashion a pair of custom flats for yourself.

You’ll Need:

-a spool of thick black silk ribbon, (decide how thick you want your straps to be)

-a glue gun and glue sticks

-clear nail polish

-a pair of flats of your choice

The process is fairly simple. Cut four strips of ribbon-it’s better that they’re longer than too short. You will be securing the ribbon at around the point where your ankles are. While you’re wearing the shoe, take note where your ankles are and attach the ribbon there. Making sure that the shiny side of the ribbon faces outward, take the end of one ribbon and hot glue it to the inside. Repeat this until all four sides are glued. Wait 10 minutes for the glue to dry. Wrap around your ankles and cut off excess ribbon. Apply a little bit of clear nail polish so that the ends don’t become frayed or unravel.

C’est magnifique le chic ballerine!