Dress For Your Body

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Make The Most Of Your Curves

Own, don’t hide, your curves with the right wardrobe. No one knows your body quite like you do, so take note, doll and get ready to walk with a whole new confidence. Knowing a simple few tricks can help you make the most of your beautiful curves. First, find out whether your body is pear, rectangular, apple or hour glass.

Longer legs: Every woman wants longer legs. To make your legs appear long and luscious, be sure to wear heels that showcase your legs and automatically give your body length. Heels also make you appear taller and give you better posture. Heels that match the color of your skin help make your legs appear longer.

Longer Torso: An open neckline, such as a scoop or v-neck elongates your torso. Who doesn’t want a longer torso?

Make the most of your curves: One sure fine ways to create definition in your body is by creating a waistline. To achieve this, add a belt to your waist. An empire waist dress or blouse also helps to accentuate your natural curves. Remember, it’s all about learning to dress your curves and making the most of your body.

Note: America Ferrera is following two of these three tips: Her red dress has an open square neckline which opens elongates her torso. Her red heels are also lengthening her legs, making her appear taller and leaner.