Eye Openers

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Today’s eye-opener comes from our sweet customer representative James Santos. Santos is the resident pastry chef and puts a smile on everyone’s face around the office. Santos’ eye openers teach us that home really is where the heart is.

I love baking and cooking! It not only feeds my body but my soul as well. I feel completely at home in the kitchen and enjoy making people happy with the special meals i create for them. I think food should not only be sustanance, but an experience.
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Music has always been a part of my life; it’s really the only one thing that I love as much as baking/cooking. I have been involved in music from a young age. I love how music can evoke so many emotions from everyone, even the most stoic of indivituals.

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My home. Nothing is like home. I cannot explain how lucky I am that I grew up in paradise, quite literally. My upbringing drives me to work harder to reach my goals. Through music and cooking i wish to share the flavors and sounds of my home with everyone, so that they might have the opportunity to experience what i did.

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