Eye-Opener: Danielle Butzon

Today’s eye-opener segment comes from our very own, Danielle Butzon. Her favorite part of the day? Seeing the gorgeous New York City skyline, of course.

NYC Skyline

When I come into the city every morning, seeing the sun rise over the NYC skyline inspires me. Even though it is the smallest part of my day, it’s my favorite and it lets me know my day will be good.

celebrity style


Lenka is an Australian singer/songwriter. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered her music and realized she writes a lot like me. I am an aspiring singer/songwriter as well and Lenka inspires me to express how I am feeling through my music.

celebrity style


Everything about love inspires me. From the first time you meet a person, to the butterflies you get , all the way to the heart wrenching break ups. That is where most of my inspiration comes from when I write. I feel like love is a crucial part of life and without it, life would be boring and meaningless.