Eye Openers

Eye Openers: Brie Schmidt

This week’s Eye Opener segment comes to us courtesy of our lovely Brie Schmidt. We hope Brie’s list inspires you in some way. It sure inspired us!

1) Vincent Van Gogh

I really enjoy modern art, and one of my favorite artists is the well known, Vincent Van Gogh. I’ve seen a good number of Van Gogh’s paintings in Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York, Philly, and Salt Lake City and feel truly blessed to be able to experience seeing all the various collections made by this talented man. From self portraits, to abstract paintings of landscapes and flowers, he always stuck with his personal art style. The vision of the unique colors and fine detailing in his work is so fascinating and gives me a lot of appreciation for art, colors, expressionism, as well as ideas, insight and inspiration with colors and the choices I make with things in my life from home decor to fashion choices.

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2) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are my must have and favorite accessory. They simply make a bold statement to your everyday outfit and are even better on makeup less days!

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3) Nicole Richie

I’ve always adored Nicole Richie’s evolving style since she was infamously known as the wild, party girl on her former reality series, The Simple Life. The fact that the chameleon is never afraid to experiment with new trends, blending various of fashion pieces, accessories, hair color, and footwear, yet manages to feel comfortable is such an inspiration. She may be a true boho chic at heart, being spotted in a lot of her own designer pieces by her fashion lines, Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960, however they aren’t the only things she has in her wardrobe. She blends the boho-inspired pieces with some amazing edgy, rocker chic clothing & accessories, and occassionaly sports the old hollywood glamour look on the red carpet. Nicole’s aesthetic and unique style has a strong influence on my daily personal style and inspired me to not just stick to one trend, but have fun and mix things up, yet still be comfortable & look effortlessly stylish!

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