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Weird Fashion Facts

My dears, if you think you’ve heard of weird, think again. We tracked down some of the most unbelievable facts in fashion and almost couldn’t believe our eyes and ears.

1. The truth about brows:

Women in the 18th Century completely shaved their eyebrows and instead crafted false ones with mouse hair. The trend, (if you want to call it one) during the mid 18th century called for grey eyebrows. Thank goodness 2012 is all about thick and natural brows-emphasis on natural.


2. The not so urban turban

As chic as turbans are now, they once were anything but a fashion statement. During the 1940s women actually wore turbans to conceal their slick and dirty locks. We know the whole Sophia Loren in a fur coat, with a turban and amazing jewels. Turbans were used to hide women’s dirty hair in times when there was a shortage of hygienic supplies.


3. Beauty Marks

You may not give a second thought to that one beauty mark on your body, but did you know that they actually became a fashion trend during the 16th and 17th century? Forget eyeliner, these beauty marks were made of black taffeta, velvet, silk or thin leather and glued onto your face with tree sap glue. What’s weirder: the beauty marks weren’t solely small circles, but were also in the shape of small ships, carriages and birds and used to hide small pox scars.


4. High as the sky

It’s not hard to find sky high heels and boots courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell nowadays. But did you know that the first plateau heels were made of wood or cork and date back to 16th century Italy. The shoes called “Chopines” and ranged from 6 to 24-inches in height and were tied to your feet with leather straps. Now, that’s commitment!


5. Most regrettable fashion buy

Ok, so this one’s not so much a weird fact than an interesting one. According to a recent poll, the most regrettable fashion purchase for a woman is a pair of leather pants. Women apparently are afraid that leather pants, (whether real or not) might look too tacky, fake or not fit properly. What do you think?