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This book has been creating quite a buzz inside and outside the fashion world and with good reason. ‘Overdressed,’ by Elizabeth L.Cline, takes a jab at cheaply made fashion. In short, there’s a high cost to cheaply made fashion. So what’s wrong with my $5 finds,” you might ask. In her book, Cline breaks down the production process of ‘cheaply’ made clothes, linking the relationship between high and low fashion and the polarization between the two to the widening gap between rich and poor.

Cline admits to being intimidated by high fashion — she describes a visit to the Fendi store that ends with her thinking: “I wasn’t supposed to be here. There was nothing I could afford.”

This is a definite summer read for any conscious consumer. Cline approaches the fashion industry with great skepticism and while the aim is not to make you stop shopping for ‘cheaply’ made clothes, you might think twice about the story behind the price tag.

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