Fashion Regrets

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Celebrity Fashion Regrets

When it comes to fashion flubs, we’ve all had them-whether it was wide legged carpenter jeans in middle school or floral printed bucket hats in high school. Celebrities are no exception-the only difference is that their wardrobe is under constant scrutiny and well, ours is not, (thankfully so). We’re taking a look at some very famous leading ladies and their worst fashion flubs ever, as told by them!

Olivia Wilde: “I think I probably overdid it on fringe.”


Rachel Zoe: “The 80s. The entire decade. The whole decade of the 80s just should have not happened to me.”


Michelle Trachtenberg: “Pretty much all of my fashion regrets were from 13 down. I wore crushed velvet paint suit that had fur cuffs. It was a bit aggressive.”


Padma Lakshmi: “I’m not embarrassed. I mean, they’re just clothes after all, but there have been things that look good when you’re walking that don’t necessarily look good on the red carpet. A Lanvin dress I wore to an Estee Lauder benefit comes to mind. It was very voluminous and when you walked you saw how beautiful it was, but I don’t think it photographed as well as it should have.


Julianne Hough: “Oh I have a lot. I’m just now starting to get into the real deal. My ‘Dancing with the Stars’ days, definitely. Anything that I wore was so over-the-top glamorous cheese. I was definitely more of a make-under than a makeover in the last couple of years.”


Whitney Port: “There was a look I wore–jeans and a big leather jacket with a beanie–on the red carpet.”