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Fashion Tidbits

Sometimes, fashion calls for order in the court. Here are some rather infamous fashion lawsuits that went from the runway to the courtroom.

The Red Sole: In case you were holding out on a less expensive, equally fabulous pair of ‘red sole’ heels, ala Christian Louboutins, don’t. The French shoe designer and man behind the famous red soles recently won a lawsuit claiming his right to be the ‘sole’ designer to have heels with ravishing red soles. The recent release of Yves Saint Laurent’s shoe with a red sole had Louboutin seeing red. Sorry to say, but no amount of heel clicking will result in a less expensive version of the heel.


Skulls: After being accused of misusing the ‘Hells Angels’ skull logo, designer Alexander McQueen made no fuss about it and quickly decided to get rid of all merchandise with the logo and stop production before it reached a settlement.


T is for Tory: It’s not hard to walk a couple blocks in the city without spotting a Tory Burch accessory on a woman. In fact, Burch cracked down on the multiple sites selling counterfeit items and won a $164 million dollar settlement against 232 sites.


Watch Your ABC’s: Gucci sued Guess for $120 million dollars over their use of the double G logo on their shoes. Gucci was awarded $4.6 million dollars.

It’s a wrap: Doted designer Diane von Furstenberg took on Forever 21 for selling ‘knock offs’ of four of her designs. In the end, Forever 21 was told not to duplicate any of Von Furstenberg’s designs.

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