Fergie Goes Gilded

Fergie Goes Glided

Fergie’s one of our many fashion obsessions. We’ve written about her before, and the truth is, she never fails to catch our eye. This past weekend she took the stage in Central Park for the Concert 4 NYC, wearing this structured masterpiece.

Fergie on stage
Image source: people.com
What can we say, other than we love it. So bold, so fierce, and so Fergie. This is the dress every modern woman is wearing on the inside—tough, sexy, and gilded in shiny gold. If you’re looking to discover your edge a la Fergie, check out our club dresses and go all in for something unexpected. 
This dress also reminds us that Halloween is just around the corner. As usual, we’re still considering our best looks: a super-sexy Cat Woman, a city-chic Jane of the Jungle, or your everyday princess. We’ll keep you posted…and definitely tell us what you’re wearing.