Find Your Edge with Jasz Couture

Find your Edge with Jasz Couture

Jazzy Couture dresses offer formal wear with an edge. It isn’t about basic shapes or styles, we’re talking fashion-forward dresses that stand out in a crowd. When we think of Jazzy Couture, the style of stars like Rihanna and Fergie come to mind. Don’t worry, if you go by more than just one name, you can rock Jasz Couture 4403 too. It’s all about confidence with Jazzy Couture formal wear. If you love to play with texture and embellishment, Jazzy Couture is definitely a label to explore when selecting a dress for your next special event.


The little black dress (LBD)
doesn’t have to be the same ol’ thing. An LBD is always a winner for special occasions. Sometimes you aren’t sure what color to wear or what others will be wearing when you attend an event, so an LBD is a go-to that will make you feel chic. This Jazzy Couture LBD has a bustier-style bodice with a sweetheart neckline and major embellishments. We’re talking beadwork, jeweled stones and even frilly detailing at the bust. The textured skirt has a bit of volume with a plush, feathery look.This is a statement dress for sure, but sometimes more is more, especially if you’re known in your crowd as a fashion lover. When it comes to accessories, go all out. Think about the style of Nikki Minaj (when she’s more tame). Try fingerless lace gloves and black ankle boots instead of the conventional strappy sandals. For hair, what about a tight ponytail? Winged eye liner or a smoky eye using color, such as teal or purple would also add to the party vibe of this edgy dress.

Benjamin Walk’s ‘Starlite’ 4403 pumps, paired with Jasz Couture’s dress, is a match made is heaven!