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Hairdo How To

After seeing the taped middle parts at Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 runway show, we weren’t sure there was really any hairstyle we could realistically wear out on the streets. Thankfully, we were wrong. Erin Fetherston’s Spring 2013 runway collection made zippers a fashionable and almost whimsical commodity. The hair at Fetherston’s show was absolutely romantic, almost a Brigitte Bardot from the future. We love the flirty side faux bang pinned underneath an open zipper headband. What we love even more is that the zipper headband is totally DIY.

Faux Bang

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This look works on wavy, straight and slightly curly hair. It works on just washed or second day hair. To get the romantic faux bang, start by creating a side part. Add a slight curl to your both sides of the front of your hair, sweeping your hair to the side so it grazes your forehead and securing it. Spray some flexible hold hairspray to keep it in place.


To create your own zipper headband, start with a 24- to 30-inch length of zipper (you can remove one from an old piece of clothing or buy one at a fabric store). Unzip half of the zipper and wrap around your head, leaving the front section of your hair loose, and secure in the back with bobby pins. Twist the loose hair and tuck the piece in between the zipper’s teeth, pinning in place underneath the headband.