Forever Young

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Forever Young

There are some celebs who seem to never have aged-while it may be in part to good genetics, it’s also in part to their anti-aging secrets. No, we’re not referring to plastic surgery or expensive creams and serums. We’re looking into some natural and low maintenance ways in which some celebs keep looking young.

Rachel Weisz says she relies on the health properties of nuts. She eats a handful on a daily basis

Gwen Stefani has said she always wears lipstick because it makes her feel young

Gwen Stefani

Sarah Jessica Parker always makes sure to drink plenty of water to always keep her skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkling.


Jennifer Lopez never skimps on the sunscreen


Brooke Shields has always been known for her thick, full eyebrows,(which are very youthful looking)


Paula Patton says that exfoliating gives her skin a nice rosy, youthful glow