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Found: Glass Slipper

Hold onto your soles, because a little bit of your childhood just came back and had cocktail hour with your adulthood. It happened through Christian Louboutin’s cuztom-made glass slipper, (red sole intact) to celebrate the re-release of Disney’s classic fairytale on Blu-Ray next month. Believe that if these revamped high end heels had originally been featured in the movie, Cinderella never would have left the single slipper behind. Unlike the cartoon version, these slippers sparkle for days and boast crystal-studs and butterfly-embellished stilettos. Fittingly, they were unveiled in Paris yesterday, on the final day of the Haute Couture shows.

“The dream is a major factor in my language of design,” said Louboutin – a boon, when the brief for a princess piece includes the buzzwords “lightness”, “beauty” and “transparency”.

“Her character and her story dictated the design to me; it was all there in the pages and the words of this tale. The slipper is the magic wand of transformation, which conjures confidence, beauty and love.”

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