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Glam Tips

We all love a good makeup tip-but did you know that you can set your makeup and make your face appear matte with solid deodorant? Yes, dabbing a bit of deodorant under your eyes, on your T zone and on the bridge of your nose, after you’ve applied your foundation.

If your liquid foundation has become a bit too heavy for the summer weather, take the matter into your own hands. Did you know that adding a dime size of aloe to your foundation will make it sheer and give your skin a nice glow? Bye bye heavy foundation-hello summer skin!

You can make your eyes appear bigger by using a different color of eyeliner. Ditch the old black eyeliner for a fresh plum, forest or bronze colored liner. Adding color opens the eye without being as heavy as a black liner. Color will naturally draw the attention to the eye and the face.

Want the best of both worlds when it comes to your lashes? Get a wet lash look and dark long lashes, by applying a coat of clear mascara and applying a coat of black/brown mascara on top. It’ll make your lashes look long, defined and glossy!