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Keep Cool

To all New York women who’ve experienced the recent heat wave, we feel you. We’ve also feel like we’d surely melt. Did you know that taking a cold shower (or 4 or 5) is not only mazingly refreshing, but beneficial to your health as well?

Beauty Benefit #1: It improves circulation. Going from warm water to cold water a few times during your shower can vastly improve circulation. If this seems like too much activity for one shower, just switching to cold water at the end of a shower can also have its benefits. Better circulation in your body can prevent hypertension, varicose veins, and even promote fast healing.

Beauty Benefit #2: We all know washing our faces with warm water opens pores – great because you want to remove dirt and oil. However, when pores are left open they are more susceptible to becoming clogged again. Close pores by using cold water at the end of a shower. The cold will also cause blood vessels to constrict, which reduces dark circles under eyes. Hello, youthful looking skin!

Beauty Benefit #3: Cold water makes hair appear shinier and healthier. It also causes the cuticle of the hair to close, creating stronger strands and preventing dirt from accumulating on your scalp.

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