Glamour Survival Guide for Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season. Date cards are filling up fast, and it seems like every night there’s another holiday party to attend. So you tease, curl, buff, gloss, and shimmy into one glamorous look after another. But it can be hard to keep up. Does my nail polish match my dress? Do these shoes really go with this dress? Are those the right earrings? Well, ladies, wonder no more. We’ve put together a short fashion survival guide that’ll keep you bouncing from party to party with little fuss and lots of glamour.

The dress

This is the time of year when your little black dresses should be hanging front and center in your closet. They’re versatile and always classy, so you can get a lot of style miles out of them. The best part about the LBD is that it’s something you can usually wear to work with a blazer or sweater. With a few key accessories in your tote, you can make a very glamorous transition from the workday to the glamorous night. 
Don’t think you have to swear off those colorful party frocks, though. Put one or two in the same color family into the rotation. Pick a nail polish that will match all the dresses you plan to wear, and keep an eye out for any major clashes. This way you won’t be frantically scrubbing off your favorite orange nail polish fifteen minutes before party time, so you can wear your favorite purple dress.  

The shoes

Black is queen for versatile footwear, too, but it is the holiday season—which means sparkle and shine. And it’s also the fall/winter season, which just wouldn’t be lush and gorgeous without suede. This is a little bit of a dilemma, and the solution is having two very different kinds of party shoes that match all the dresses you plan to wear. Keep a black suede pump and a strappy heel with some kind of embellishment—rhinestones, glitter, pearls, etc.—on deck at all times. Mix them up appropriately for the mood and style of the party.

The makeup

Have fun with it. The holidays are the perfect excuse to try out that glittery, shiny look you’ve been lusting after in the fashion spreads. No other time of year is as celebratory and decadent, so definitely take advantage. Less, of course, is always more, so just work your shadows and highlights until you find the right bold-but-not-gaudy balance. 
Also, pack the right tools for a few quick touchups. The key to looking great all night is taking a few makeup breaks to freshen those lips, cheeks, and lids.

The accessories

Set aside some jewelry in your collection for the holiday season. Take it out beforehand and see how it works with each dress your plan to wear. The goal is to find a set or a near complete set of earrings, a necklace, and a ring or bracelet that you can keep ready for a quick glamorous look. Keep the set simple and change out one accent piece. This makes each look unique, and you’ll get to show off those especially cool pieces without detracting from your outfit and at a time of year when people are full of oohs and aahs.