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Summer Glow 101

We know the havoc that summer weather can reek; the excess oil, the darkening of the skin and dry skin. We’ve all been there, but what about women with darker skin tone? It’s safe to say that summer skin requires different care than winter skin, so take notes and achieve nice, light and breezy skin with these simple products. Also, remember that when shopping for summer and fall shades, it’s also important to change up the color of your foundation just a little to coordinate with the changing colors.
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Our Picks
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1. Nuxe Hule Prodigieue Dry Oil, ($24) is perfect for dewy skin. Use this oil on your face, hair or body. It’s absolute magic! The dry consistency dries quickly and imparts an instant glow! 2.Body Shop Shea Lip Butter,($5) is utterly delicious, moisturizing and effective. No need to buy another balm. This one also doubles as cuticle butter.3. Mud Soap from Sabon, ($6) is simple and so so good for your face and body. Made from the mud from the Dead Sea, it helps clear out any impurities and leaves your face fresh, clean and glowing.4. Laura Geller Spackle Primer in Bronze, ($22) is perfect as a base. It helps make your makeup last longer and makes your skin look bright and fresh. Wear it alone or under foundation.