Going Gaga

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Just Like Gaga

Okay, so maybe you’ve seen Lady Gaga live a couple times and know all the words to all her songs; perhaps you’ve even have a copy of her book. Pretty soon, you’ll also have the chance to smell like Gaga herself. Ok, maybe not entirely like her, but you’ll be able to wear her trademark perfume, Fame.

It gets even better: On July 7, she Tweeted that a smaller, affordable version of the scent will be available for $30 (as opposed to the larger size, which starts at $70). Gaga said, via Twitter: “There are 2 versions of fragrance. One is more affordable. The other is Le Masterpiece, larger bottle, metal cap & eau de parfum. My baby!” She then added, “All my fashion fragrance dreams coming true! Her perfume, which has been two years, (two years!) in the making is set to hit stores in September.

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