Golden Ticket Winner: Golzar 2.28.12

Congratulations on winning your NYD dress Golzar!  
You look beautiful in it!

Golden Ticket Winner

Golzar wrote:

Golzar wrote: “This was such a surprise! I literally stared at the Golden Ticket for a few minutes speechless, then had to show it to my husband to re-read. “Yup… it’s really free”, he confirmed, with a big smile. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any company doing something like this. Thank you!!!! I brought this dress to wear to my best friend’s gallery opening. The night was amazing because of all the great art and… all of the complements I received on this dress! Thank you NYD for helping to perfect my night!”

View Dress: Scala 47303.

Read more about the contest: Golden Ticket.

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