Golden Ticket Winner of the Day: Danika!

Congratulations on winning your NYD dress, Danika

 Your niece is going to love it! 

Golden Ticket Winner

Jenna wrote:

First of all, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!  My niece is turning 15 soon and I wanted to surprise her with the party dress that she’s been wanting. I made up a story to get her to help me browse for dresses without suspecting.  She fell in love with so many but went nuts over the Terani dress in pink. She is going to be ECSTATIC once she knows that it’s hers! I had no idea this contest was going on, much less that I would turn out to be a winner but I am happy because now this money can go towards her shoes, accessories and maybe a few other special details for her party!!! You’ve made an aunt and niece extremely happy NYD!  God bless and thanks again!!!!!

View Dress: Terani P684.
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