Got Shimmer? Slip into Something Sequined!

If you’re a little bored with the status quo, there’s no better way to heat up your wardrobe than with a bit of sequin shimmer. Sequins have been fashion’s go-to embellishment for added sparkle for hundreds of years, and when a trend has been rocking it steady for that long, it becomes less of a trend and more of a staple. All this boils down to the simple fact that all women have a bona fide need to get some sequin sizzle into their lives. So this season, give yourself permission to sparkle.

For first time sequin wearers, try a dress with just a little bit of flair: banding at the waist, trim at the bust, or a floral pattern. This gown by Lara is a great pick because the bands of sequins at the bodice and waist are subtle and decorative. They complement the colors in the dress and give the look a simple splash of glamour that isn’t overdone.

From there, power up your sequin sparkle by choosing a dress with a fully sequined bodice or skirt. This kind of style packs a lot more sparkle and calls attention to your curves with radiant highlights.

Colorful patterns are another haute look worth exploring, too. Stripes, delicate flowers, and even camouflage patterns get super dramatic with multi-color shine and artful embroidery. A colorful sequin mini is a perfect club-ready look that’s designed to make the most of those dance-floor lights.

Finally, climb to the apex of sequin embellishment with a fully sequined sheath! This look is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a must-have for any glamour lover. Every inch of your gorgeous figure is snugly covered in sequins, and with each hip sway, you cast warm highlights across the room. Dancing gets more vivid and vibrant, and even if you’re keeping it cool on the perimeter, your subtlety is backed by a powerhouse of glamorous shine. Try it for yourself in a chic evening sheath from Tony Bowls Le Gala. And psssst, a short sequin sheath can be just as glamorous, too!

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