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On Trend: Faux Undercut

Undercuts certaintly aren’t the new bobs-in fact, we don’t quite know if Vidal Sassoon would’ve approved of the haircut. There’s no denying the cut’s edgy and rebellious flair. Famous femmes such as Mel B and Kelly Osbourne have gone under the razor’s edge for this cut and while we applaud their valiant decision, we realize that not many women would take the same plunge. In this case, just like the faux bob for women who don’t want to chop their locks off, we introduce to you the faux undercut.

The How To

To create the illusion of a real undercut, start off by creating a deep side part. Next, work some pomade or mousse onto the palm of your hand and apply to the smaller part and pin hair back with bobby pins. Next, overlap the loose hair and create waves with a curling iron. For an alternative style, you can create two or three braids from ear to crown, (sort of in a cornrow fashion). Secure the ends of the braids with bobby pins in the back, overlapping with loose hair.