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Skip A Wash…Or Two

As women, we find ourselves often talking about our hair-the length, the color, the shine, the health and texture of it. Let’s face it-at times, it might seem we’re a slave to our hair, from root to tip. So is it really healthier to skip washing your hair. The argument is that lathering up on a daily basis strips the hair of important, healthy oils that can cause it to break off over time. And while those detergent aspects of shampoo may be good for your scalp, they can take a toll on your hair. In all reality, skipping a day between shampoos is probably best for your hair in the long run. Your hair is actually at its weakest when it’s wet-so washing it everyday will break down your hair and weaken it. Don’t lather up your entire hair, instead only wash the scalp and hairline-the suds from that will rinse down to the roots.

Adele has said that she sometimes washes her hair with cold water-foregoing the shampoo or product. Would you ever just rinse your hair in between washes?