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Strap Happy 101

Clutches can add an element of glamour to any evening outfit, sure, but sometimes a girl just wishes she could swing that clutch over her shoulder. Truth be told ladies, after an hour or so of toting a clutch around at a cocktail event, a strap would definitely come handy, pun intended. We’re giving you the 101 on how to add a little added benefit to your favorite clutches. It’s a cinch!

The How To

1. You want to start off by choosing the perfect material. This material doesn’t have to match your purse’s fabric perfectly. Have fun with it! Make sure that the material isn’t too thin that it tears easily.

2. Measure the fabric so it’s the length you want from the bag to your shoulder and then back again, and add an inch on both sides because this is where you’re going to sew it onto your bag. The width will be 5 inches, If you opt for a chain handle, measure the length and have your chain pre-cut to the length you want.

3. Fold the fabric in half and sew lengthwise along the edges.

4. Make sure to turn the fabric inside out so that the sewn part is hidden and detect the spots on the purse where you want to attach the handles.

5. Make sure both sides are the same length and sew each end to the purse. Cover any frays with embellishments, such as studs or glitter. For chain handles, choose an appropriate glue, (make sure you have the right glue) and glue the ends on each side. Let the handles dry and voila!

In this set

A.Inge Christopher GIA881, ($215)

B.Benjamin Walk Victoria, ($36)

C.Boutique A4957, ($65)