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Winter Glow

We know what you’re thinking, winter time is creeping up and you want to keep your skin glowing. Colder weather doesn’t have to mean a dry and dull complexion. We found the best foods and tips to help keep your mug looking and feeling healthy, whether you’re a winter bride, attending a glamorous event or at the office. Here’s to your health and beauty, doll!

How To

1. Avocados aren’t called a superfood for nothing babe. In fact, we think it’s wise to stock up on this creamy, buttery fruit because it’s rich in essential oils and B-complex vitamins. The Niacin found in the avocado has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal red, blotchy skin. One a day will give you 27% of your daily need for Niacin.

2. Mangoes are also superfoods. One mango has 80% of the Vitamin A you need on a daily basis. Vitamin A is helpful in repairing dry, flaky skin. The more moisturized your skin is, the more glowing your skin will be.


3. Almonds are amazing for your complexion-they carry 150% of your daily need for Vitamin E. Think about that when you think about grabbing a bag of potato chips. Vitamin E is essential in the anti-aging process.


4. Cottage Cheese contains an ingredient called selenium, which is very resourceful in fighting free radicals, (kind of what some really expensive serums and creams do). Selenium will also help prevent skin cancer.


5. Your body thrives on water. Make it a habit to drink a glass before you go to bed and a glass as soon as you wake up. Doing so, will help regulate your digestive system-the cleaner your body runs, the better your skin will look.


6. Cherries are great providers of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps produce collagen elastin which is essential to healthy skin. It also helps fight skin damage and wrinkling.