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Beauty and The Beet

Remember that old adage about how eating your vegetables can be good for your health? It’s totally true-in fact, veggies can also improve your appearance. Who are we kidding? What girl doesn’t want to look and feel her best at all times? We’re not talking rocket science here, we’re talking veggies and their super powers for our inner and outer beauty.


Beets: are rich in zinc, Vitamin C and antioxidants. In short, eating your beets will improve the clarity of your skin and give you younger looking skin. Because of it’s detoxifying properties, it keeps your organs running smoothly and when your inside is working better, it shows on the outside!

Avocados: This super rich and creamy fruit is oh so good for your skin. How? Avocados are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which makes them great for healing scars and fighting against wrinkles.

Carrots: We already know that carrots are great for your vision, but did you know that carrots are also rich in Vitamin A, which helps with cell turnover, (which means younger looking skin). High amounts of Vitamin A are great for acne prone skin as well.

Oranges: This super sweet fruit is effective in collagen restoration, which means you’ll have stronger, more resilient skin with more elasticity. An orange a day for younger looking skin? Why that sounds absolutely delicious if you ask us.

Berries: These delicious little morsels help improve elasticity and act as a natural astringent. Berries also help improve your metabolism.

Dark leafy veggies: Kale and spinach help improve your skin’s overall look and feel. Dark greens are great to lighten and brighten your skin’s complexion.