Heather Graham Does Yoga in Tadashi!

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Heather Graham Does Yoga in Tadashi!

That’s not a title we write every day! While promoting The Hangover 3 on

Conan O’Brien Presents, Graham decided to show-off some fancy yoga moves.

Why? To create a unique tweet for her new twitter account, @ImHeatherGraham!

She happened to be wearing Tadashi Shoji while flexing her yoga muscles and

it showed just how movable the dress is. At one point Conan even asked

if she could move in the dress. “Yeah!” she answered enthusiastically.

The tweetable end result: “Tonight I try out a new desk made of 100%

@ImHeatherGraham. #HeatherDesk” -@ConanOBrien

  In case you were wondering what the dress looks like standing up..


  For the rest of her appearance, you can check out her interview below!