High Heel

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Ouchless Heels

Any woman can attest to the pain that high heels can bring. Because we know a great majority of women will never forego high heels- we found some simple remedies for the heel wearer in pain. A little spritz, a little strip of tape and you’ll have a little pep in your step. Now, if they could only make heels that feel like you’re wearing tennis shoes. (Wishful thinking)


In this photo: Colorifics SHASTA, $70

-Give your feet a break by spraying a little unscented antiperspirant spray all over your feet. This will help keep your feet stay dry and help prevent chafing and excess sweating that lead to blistering and chafing.

-Use some cushioned white medical tape to tape your third and fourth toe together. We know this sounds weird, but it works better than Band-aids. This will help to prevent bunions, chafing and blistering-which make walking in heels virtually impossible and very painful.

-As always, a pair of cushioned insoles for heels can provide you with that extra bit of comfort.