If the Shoe Fits

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If The Shoe Fits

Have you ever wondered what your shoes say about you? As the old adage goes, ‘Don’t judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.’ Unfortunately, that adage doesn’t apply to a recent study conducted at the University of Kansas, people were able to accurately judge demographic and personality traits of complete strangers simply by looking at their most frequently worn shoes. The results? It turns out 90 percent of a person’s characteristics can be determined just by examining the style, cost, color and condition of their footwear.

As expected, extroverts wore flashy shoes, wealthy people wore more expensive shoes and conscientious people kept their footgear cleaner. Ankle boot wearers tended to be more aggressive than the rest. We were surprised to see that those who wore uncomfortable looking shoes tended to be calm people.

The one demographic that participants in the study had a hard time judging were those with flat and plain shoes. Apparently, shoe owners who described themselves as “aloof and repressive,” had a hard time forming relationships and weren’t able to communicate many of their traits in real-life. Will this study change our shoe choices? Probably not; b it’s always fun to entertain the latest scientific findings regarding fashion.

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