Important: Only Buy From Reputable Retailers

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Important: Only Buy From

Reputable Retailers

One of the biggest problems shoppers face is falling for counterfeit

dresses. There are sites out there that use official designer photos

to knock-off popular gowns. Many times, these fake dresses look

nothing like the original. The pattern is completely different and

the seams are guaranteed uneven. We decided to experiment by

ordering a fake to compare. As you scroll through the photos, try

and spot the quality details that make our designer dresses one-of

a-kind. Our designers use quality fabric and create looks that are

structured to fit your shape.

When it comes to this particular fake, the biggest problem is the

pattern. Where there are florals, there should be polka dots. The

dress also lacks any basic lining or structure. Taking a closer look

and you can see the jagged seams that pucker in front. Every

fashionita loves a good deal, but this is not the place to save. No

one is ever happy with their purchase once this “copy” is delivered.

When browsing a website, make sure that site is accredited by the

Better Business Bureau. You can find our A+ rating at the bottom

of every page.

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