InStyle’s Best Fashion Tips

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InStyle’s Best Fashion Tips

InStyle Magazine recently created a list of top 50 fashion tips. We

collected our favorites to guide you through shopping for your perfect

evening dress. Keep these tips in mind as you shop your heart out! This

array of purple and pink gowns illustrate many of these tips, such as

color, shape and detailed accents.

Tip #1: Embrace your shape

Tip #2: Show skin strategically

Tip #3: Conquer your fear of color

Tip #4: Accessorize in brights

Tip #5: Make a list of your favorite items

Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to try new styles

Tip #7: Consider the wear and care maintenance

Tip #8: Make friends with a good tailor

Tip #9: Check every angle before leaving the house

Tip #10: Wearing white? Check yourself in the light

Tip #11: Always have a stylist emergency kit

Tip #12: Dress for your body, not age

Tip #13: Try the dress with a body-slimmer on hand

Tip #14: Add an element of surprise

Tip #15: When in doubt, wear nude pumps