Intermission: NYC Fashion Week 2010

It’s the middle of Fashion Week here in New York City.  The streets are buzzing with fashion news, and everyone in the industry is decked out in their hottest Fall 2010 duds to check out the runway shows for the Spring 2011 season.  
Fashion Week rolls around twice a year in NYC, and it’s actually longer than a week.  But that misnomer is fine by us because, well, it’s kind of fashion’s job to challenge conventions.  And besides, stretching out a good, stylish event is something we can definitely get behind.  Maybe this could be a new homecoming or prom trend?  If homecoming was suddenly three nights instead of just one, you could wear every dress you’ve got your eye on this year.  Hmmm, let’s start a movement.  Who’s with us?
At New York Dress, we’re kicking it into overdrive to see how many stylish events we can pack into these last four days.  We’ll be stopping by runways and mixers all over the city searching for new dresses and labels to add to our collection.  Stay tuned to our blog for this year’s highlights or send us a shoutout via Facebook or Twitter.  You can follow all the breaking news, catch up on the gossip, and join the conversation at the #NYFW hashtag on Twitter, too.
Image credits:, Tadashi Shoji Spring 2011