Introducing Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy

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Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy is proud to present our newest collection Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy.

This Lebanese designer is well known around the world for his amazing Haute Couture,

and with Deluchy he brings his sartorial eye to the Pret-a-Porte market.

When we brought these dresses into our studio on the day of our photoshoot our jaws

collectively dropped. Exquisite details, delicate lace, sequins, embroidery…the list goes on

and on. With a flair for the dramatic these red carpet dresses ooze style and

sophistication. We loved every piece and we hope you will too! Scroll down for some

behind the scenes photos from our day with Deluchy!

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