Italian Culture

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Italian Culture

We first celebrated and learned about the Middle East. Next on our list

was Brazil. This time around, we’re indulging in Italian cuisine and learning

about the culture of Italy. One of the most important aspects is obviously

food so we started with a fantastic employee potluck. There was every kind

of pasta you could imagine, along with a perfect plate of meat and cheese.

In honor of this Italian feast, we bring you a list of “10 Things You Didn’t

Know About Italian Cuisine!”

10. Italians like to keep their protein and pasta separate. You won’t see a

medley of spaghetti and meatballs anytime soon.

9. Italians generally have three main courses: antipasti, le paste and a

protein. Contorni are considered a side dish and can be ordered separately.

8. Garlic is not commonly used. Italian food is delicious because of the fresh

ingredients, not an overload of spices.

7. Pizza in Southern Italy is made up of thin crust and minimal toppings,

unlike much of the pizza here in America.

6. Eating while walking is considered disrespectful to the person who prepared

your food. It’s also uncommon to see an Italian with coffee to-go.

5. If you order a “pepperoni pizza,” you will get a pizza with sweet bell

peppers. Those peppers are spelled peperoni in Italian, with only one “p.”

4. Italian “bars” are very different from the American idea of bars. A bar in

Italy is where you can get an espresso and pastry for breakfast.

3. Don’t expect to see Caesar salad, Italian wedding soup or Alfredo sauce in

any authentic restaurant. These are all American inventions.

2. Italian dressing is also an American invention. Try a bit of olive oil


1. The Italian meal is considered a celebration. Life is good when you are

enjoying a nice meal with friends or family. It’s a time that should be

cherished. This is why there are long gaps between courses and the reason

dinners can run so long!

We certainly enjoyed our meal with our friends and family of NewYorkDress!