Jovani Awards Us for Excellence in eCommerce

This past week has been full of happy surprises

for us here at New York Dress.  It’s Homecoming season, and our customers are busy ordering dresses.  We’re also just beginning to see the upcoming lines for this year’s prom 2011season, and we can’t wait until these dresses are ready for purchase.  Amidst all this hustle and bustle, we had one of the best surprises ever.  Jovani, a longtime business partner of ours, awarded us with the “Excellence in eCommerce Award.”

jovani award

Jovani awarded us with this plaque because of our commitment to providing excellent customer service through our online store.  We were very happy to receive this award and look forward to continuing the longstanding relationship we’ve had with Jovani and providing the highest quality service and merchandise to our customers.

We feel very grateful for this kind of recognition like this from a top designer.  The manufacturing and sales of faux-designer products is becoming an epidemic in the realm of online retailing, and too many customers are being victimized.  New York Dress remains deeply committed to selling only high-quality, original merchandise from each designer that we carry.  
Thanks for reading and shopping, and please check out our Jovani dresses, recently updated with the latest designs.

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