Just Ask Our Bridesmaid Specialist, Jessica

At New York Dress, we are always trying to find new ways to improve our customers shopping experience.  We love helping you find that perfect, extra-special dress that’s just going to make you look fabulous—and we know finding THAT dress isn’t always easy, especially if it’s a bridesmaid dress.
That’s where Jessica comes in.  She’s our team’s Bridesmaid Specialist and is ready to help you find the right dress or dresses you need to make the day extra special. Bridesmaid dresses are a little different than special occasions dresses, cocktail dresses, or party dresses, although the bridesmaid dress has to fulfill all three of those functions in just one dress.  Styles are always changing, too, and the style of the wedding dictates just what dress is appropriate.  It’s a lot to think about, we know, and that’s why we wanted to give you a resource to help you find the right dress and have fun while you’re shopping for it.
Jessica really gets weddings.  She’s up on all the latest trends in the bridesmaid world and can tell you what hemlines, styles, and silhouettes are all the rage on the wedding runway.  She’s up to date on the styles we carry at NewYorkDress.com and can direct you to just that right shade of purple or blue or pink you’re looking for in various styles and collections.
So if you find yourself amidst a bridesmaid dress crisis, give Jessica a call at 1 (212) 594-3600 and let her help you find a gorgeous, perfect-fit solution.