Lauren is Another Lucky Golden Ticket Winner!

Congratulations on winning your NYD dress, Lauren

 You look beautiful in it! 

Oscars 2012

Lauren wrote:

“I got an email a couple days after ordering my dress saying that my dress had a golden ticket in it and I was super confused. I honestly thought it was a spam email and almost didn’t open it! My parents still thought it wasn’t true until I cashed the check from you guys (but they’re crazy ;))

I get to wear my dress in April for my junior prom. The tradition at my school is that only juniors get to wear big ball gowns for prom, and to me, all of the girls wear practically the same dress, just in different colors. Its a big deal to have one that stands out and looks great, so I chose this one. I wanted something unique, traditional yet modern.  I wanted something that I couldn’t get at one of the four dress shops in Central Wisconsin. I liked that the dress has an almost vintage look and is very classy.  I love the detailing on the bust. I’ll shoot you guys and email of my actually wearing it for prom in April again thanks for everything!”

View Dress: Blush 5138.
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