Lip Stickers

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Lip Stickers

Call them lip stickers, temporary lip tattoos or the latest lip craze-truth is, we don’t quite know what to think of them. These temporary lip stickers can last anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on your skin type. The lips are priced from $7-$10, (you get a pack of three) and already some famous faces have jumped on the trend. Allure even referred to them as ‘the future of lipstick.’ It seems the major attraction to these tattoos is the fact that you can actually wear prints, glitter and fun designs without worrying that it’ll smudge or wear off.

Kim Kardashian’s checkered lips

Lady Gaga blue glitter lips


Hope Dworaczyk’s polka dotted lips


Kelly Rowland’s leopard print lips


Jessie J’s London lips