Mac Duggal’s Advice on How To Avoid Counterfeit Dresses

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Mac Duggal’s Advice on How To

Avoid Counterfeit Dresses

Every year, NewYorkDress designer Mac Duggal does an experiment to spotlight

the pitfalls of buying counterfeit dresses. This year was no different, but it did

have an added twist of possible health risks! After dealing with issues that come

from shopping at a counterfeit company, Mac Duggal’s social media manager,

Nicole Schultz, tried on the knockoff dress for about ten minutes. What she

didn’t expect was a batch of scratchy hives! We’re sure the poor-quality fabric

was to blame. Highlighted on Mac Duggal’s website, here are a few things to

remember when shopping for your prom dress…

-If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Deep designer discounts

are a red flag when shopping at counterfeit shops.

-If the color options largely differ from the designer website, that would also

raise some doubts.

-If you get this far, watch out for the name “CoCo” in your confirmation e-mail.

Apparently this name is typically used by counterfeit sellers.

You can easily see the difference in quality from the photo above. For some very

real prom dresses shop our current Mac Duggal favorites!