Makeup Tips For Graduation!

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Makeup Tips For Graduation!

We’ve got every graduation dress you can imagine, but what about makeup?

We’re here to recommend the beauty essentials for that important day! You’ll

want long-lasting coverage through the ceremony, pictures and dinner. What

do you need to achieve that? These products below!


Any good makeup artist will tell you to start with primer. It prepares your

face for the products. The primer makes sure nothing runs or looks shiny

as the day continues. It’s one product that is pretty handy for photos!

Long-Lasting Foundation

You could go with your usual foundation, but the long-lasting variety does

the job quite well. Make sure you test the foundation a few days before and

apply it evenly across your face.

HD Setting Powder

The last product for a flawless finish is HD Setting Powder. Once your base

is applied, set the products with this powder using a large powder brush.

Your makeup should stay in place all day long!

Rosy Blush

Your next step is a natural-looking blush. Gel blush works on all skin types,

while cream blush is better on combination skin and powder is your best bet if

oily is your norm.

Neutral Eye Shadow

You want to put your best foot forward this exciting day so we recommend

keeping it simple with a natural hue and maybe some subtle shimmer.

Light Lipgloss

The same goes for your gloss. A dark lip might work most days, but keeping

the color simple puts the focus on your beautiful smile and important people

around you.

Once you’ve done that last step, you’re ready for a full day of festivities.

Go forth and graduate looking gorgeous in NewYorkDress! Don’t forget to

enter Dress and Tell after all the fab photos are taken.

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