Middle Part

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Landing The Part

Looking to revamp your do for the Fall? You might be surprised to learn that the middle part is making a quiet comeback on the red carpet and runways. This classic and timeless style has been sported by celebrities such a Ali Mcgraw, Rosie Huntington, Jennifer Hudson and Rosie Byrne. So before you make the call that a middle part isn’t for you-realize that a middle part can be worn by all. Want a little timeless chic via the center part? Here’s how to land your perfect part:

1. If you have more pronounced facial features, you might want to part your hair a little off center. The effect will still be the same, but won’t be as severe.

2. If you want to experiment with the middle part but don’t want the full intensity of it-give your do a softer touch by parting it at the middle in the hairline. You can also choose to sport a tousled middle part by using your fingers to create a messy part.

3. If you have a widow’s peak don’t worry-you too can sport the middle part. The first thing you should realize when you have a widow’s peak is that you should never fight the natural part of your hair. Use a brush to blow dry it apart and set it flat.

4. Go from a daytime boho chic look to a sleeker style for the night time: A thin hair comb always does the trick when creating a sleek and polished middle part. Loosely spray some flexible hold spray around the crown of your head and create a clean middle part. Use a flat-iron to straighten your locks.

5. Gather your center part into an updo. This is perfect if you’re experimenting with the look. Create a small center part and gather your hair into a high ponytail, nano bun or messy milk braid.