Mini Skirts! Every Leg Line Deserves Options

While it’s true that you can sport a mini dress in every season, no other is better suited for the bold hemline than summer.  When it’s hot, a mini keeps you cool and lets you show off that fabulous tan you’ve been working on.  And since the mini hemline has come a long way since its 1960s introduction, it’s good to know you’ve got options, too.

Pencil Mini

A pencil mini isn’t just for girl’s with Twiggy’s dimensions.  This style looks great on curvy figures as well.  The secret to wearing a pencil mini the right way is all about confidence.  It’s definitely a tight, exposing fit, and that can be intimidating.  But the truth is, we’re tend to obsess about flaws that don’t really exist.  Or if they do, we overdramatize them.  So remember that NO ONE is looking at that imaginary bump on your upper thigh.  What they are looking at is your feminine silhouette, and it’s looking pretty amazing in your pencil mini.

Party Mini

Party minis, as a rule, are fun and flirty.  The party miniskirt is a classic a-line shape that ends right at the mid-thigh or higher.  Tulle fabric is a natural choice for this type of style because it’s bouncy and lively—just like any good party.  Colorful layers of tulle accented with sequins, glitter, or crystals amp up the festive factor.  And anyone can wear this figure-flattering skirt because it’s relaxed and elongates the leg line.

Fringe Mini

A layer or two of fringe is a perfect way to bring a little excitement to any article of clothing—just ask any country music star or rock ‘n roller.  Fringe can also be really sexy, especially when it dangles down below a short hemline.  It’s fun to twirl and shake, so of course, any fringe mini is perfect for parties with a dance floor and nightclubs.  Shake, shake, and shimmy ‘til dawn!

Ruffled Mini 

Ruffled minis make it easy to look and feel weightless.  The fabric flutters and floats with every step, adding a subtle sense of suspension.  It’s a poppy look that can be both flirty and innocent or sexy and edgy, depending on how you want to wear it.  Two and three tiers for a ruffled miniskirt is the norm, but designers often indulge their artistic abilities to create fabulous fashion contradictions—ample layers in petite form.  Breezy, breezy beautiful!  

Bubble Mini 

Quite possibly the most adorable hemline around, the bubble mini creates a cute look with youthful bounce.  Bubble miniskirts are tucked and sewn under, so the hem is round and, often, voluminous.  They tend to add a little bit of volume around the hip and upper thigh area, so a shorter hemline is actually more flattering if you have larger thighs.  You’ll show off more of your legs, making them appear longer.