Miss Teen USA in Mac Duggal

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Miss Teen USA in Mac Duggal

A girl can’t help but be the belle of the ball in a pageant dress from

NewYorkDress! 19-year old Cassidy Wolf was recently crowned Miss Teen

USA looking gorgeous in a bold blue Mac Duggal design. She wore the sapphire

couture dress during the evening gown competition and when she was crowned

winner. This is the second year in a row that Miss Teen USA has been crowned

in the always marvelous Mac Duggal. “We’re just so honored that these talented

young women have chosen for us to be a part of their big night,” the designer said.

“It’s not about just the dress, it’s about the girl in the dress. We’re so proud to be

able to be there for these wonderful young ladies.” We couldn’t agree more!

You can watch her interview here!