More Makeovers With NUE By Shani

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More Makeovers With NUE By Shani

Another day, another happy makeover with NUE by Shani! The TODAY show gave

these ladies a whole new look that incorporated the transformative powers of

this designer. The first NUE woman was caught off guard but quickly embraced

her glam look. “I almost wore the same dress!” Kathy Lee shouted off-screen.

A long-time fan, Lee is ever-an advocate of fashionable shape-wear. The second

woman, 80 years old to the day, was excited to look 10 years younger. She ended

up 20 years younger with a new bob and dark blue cocktail dress from NUE by

Shani. Again, you hear off screen, “NUE by Shani is awesome!” We can’t help but

love the enthusiasm.

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