Nail Salon 101

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Nail Salon 101

Ladies, we know summer’s all about strutting around parading the hottest mani and pedi and that’s fine-we’re into it. There is one thing we need to address, however: what to watch out for in your nail salon. Just how clean is your nail lady practices and tools? Before you get tight lipped on this one, we want to let you know it’s time to speak up and do a little snooping-incognito style, of course.


What To Watch Out For

1. As crazy as it sounds, ‘death by pedicure,’ has occurred in the past and it involves a flesh eating staph infections. Tools that are reused, although cleaned after each use, can still host infections. Your best bet is to bring your own tools.

2.Does the nail salon look clean? If the nail salon looks dirty, chances are their nail practices aren’t up to par as well. Better to be safe than sorry, doll.

3.Don’t stick your feet into a whirlpool sink unless it’s clean-serious bacteria and molds can grow in tubs if not cleaned properly. Don’t be afraid to ask for it to be cleaned in front of your eyes.

4.Make sure that your manicurist washes her hands before even touching your skin. What you don’t know can and will hurt you. Ask him/her to wash their hands where you can see them. They can still be carrying bacteria from their previous customer’s nails.

5.Nail Salons don’t turn customers away. That means even customers with fungal infections are given full manicures and pedicures. More reason for you to be cautious!

6. Salons swap out bottles all the time. They fill high end lotion bottles, cleansers and treatments with generic brands. This way, they are still overcharging you without you even knowing it!