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Set Your Nails

There are times you can’t find the time to sleep, let alone get in to see your favorite manicurist. There are times, however, when a quick swipe of clear nail polish just won’t cut it – a big job interview, first date, etc., but the at-home, colored nail-polish smudge factor is high – and deters most from even trying.

Sometimes, no matter how quickly and effectively you try to set your nail color, a crease or chip will make it’s way on to the freshly set paint. Fear not; the next time you find yourself reaching for the clear nail polish, head into your kitchen instead. Cooking sprays, like PAM, will smudge-proof freshly painted nails. Simply spray it over your just-done nails as you would the sprays you find next to the dryers in your nail salon. Be sure your spray is unscented. Voila! Smudge-proof nails!

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