National Online Prom Dress Registry

Prom 2011 is going to be huge. It’s the high school formal event of the year, and the one time you have license to go all-out gorgeous for just one night: the shoes you love, the dress that was made for you, and the hair and makeup you wish you could sport every day. We know how much you love it and how much having the perfect, unique look means to you. We created a National Online Prom Registry, so you can lay claim to your style long before the big night. 

How it works

Not keeping your dress a secret has its advantages. The biggest one is avoiding having matching dresses with someone in your school. What you can do to avoid that faux pas is register the dress by designer, style number, and color. Find your school in our database, and be the first one officially declare, “I’m wearing this to our prom!” Unfortunately, the registry doesn’t guarantee that someone else won’t have the same dress, but being the first one to claim a style does increase your bragging rights. And on a practical level, if someone else is totally in love with the dress you’re wearing, they know to at least get it in a different color. Nobody needs a prom twin.  

See what everybody is wearing

The registry is for fun, too! It’s a national database of prom dresses, which means that you can see what girls all over the country are wearing this year. Are certain dresses and colors more popular in your area? What other girls share a similar style to you? At how many proms did your dress shine? It’s a high-tech fashion resource that you can use to stay on the leading edge of prom 2011 trends.

Plan to make it magical

We hope your prom is fabulous. From hi-lo skirts to poppy colors, this year’s dresses are truly amazing. Spring will be here before you know it, so the time to start planning your prom look is now. Register your dress early—even if you bought it at another store or website. That’ll give you more time to work out the details for your hair, makeup, and accessories. Got questions? We’re always here to help. Send us an email, start a chat, or give us a call, +1 (212) 594-3600.