New Year’s Dressolutions

It’s officially a new year, and never being the type to fall out of fashion, we decided to hop on the 2011 resolutions train. But we’re not exactly interested in resolving every aspect of our lives. What can we say, other than we’re wardrobe focused? So we’re making New Year’s Dressolutions for, you guessed it, our dress up and party style in this bold new day.
#1 Bring glamour to every occasion. There’s no reason to save up the shine just for special occasions. Every day is special, and it’s those little days, last-minute dates, nights out with your girls, that you really remember. So we’re striving to reach new heights of style and fun with fancy dresses, new lipstick, and flashy shoes. If it’s worth going out for, it’s worth the effort to look amazing, too.
#2  Follow only flattering trends. Let’s face it, what’s hot at any given time isn’t for everyone. It’s that uniqueness that makes a fleeting style desirable at all. But trends aren’t worth looking bad for, and if they aren’t made for your shape, you can end up looking frumpy. So forget about ‘em, and find the right silhouettes for you. Looking good is always in style.
#3  Dress in full color. Every season brings a fresh new palate of colors to liven up your outfits. And we plan to indulge fully into every bold new hue. We’ll find purples for all four seasons and seek out the perfect teal for summer, and would it, could it, be spring without a delicate pink? We think not. 
#4  Plan out the perfect accessories. Two days before your party you realize your purse and shoes don’t really match your dress. So you scramble to find the time to shop for a worthy match and end up settling on something that’ll simply have to do. Sound familiar? Yeah, us too, but not this year. We’re resolving to plan out our important outfits well in advance, paying special attention to those intricate details (shoes, purses, and jewelry).
#5  Try something new. Everyone has a comfort zone. Some of us live in black, others wear out neutrals, and many have a floral print for every day of the week. 2011 is the perfect year to break out and break free of those patterns. Explore the possibilities of new cuts, prints, fabrics, and more. Take a close, stylish friend shopping with you and let her help you find your new niche. 
There you have it: our top five dressolutions for the new year. Let us know what you think. We wish you the best most glamorous year in 2011.

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