New Years Wedding

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New Year’s Eve Wedding

If you want your wedding vows to ring in the New Year, we’ve created a perfect mood board to help get you started. As a bride, we know you have a million and one ideas buzzing around in your head-from the last stitch on your dress to how many tiers you cake will be. We have wedding fever too! Combining an occasion as special as a wedding and as joyous and hectic as New Year’s Eve is quite the task- but very doable. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest for more wedding ideas and inspiration!


This Set
1. Allure W290, (price upon request)

2. Boutique OB7026, ($189)

3. Allure COSMO, ($60)

4. Dyeables SAMARA, ($56)

5. Boutique OBO4117, ($115)

6. Allure 6633AL, ($318)

7. Sherri Hill 2782, ($398)

8. Sophie 22452, ($29)